JISC Beginner's Guide to Digital Preservation

…creating a pragmatic guide to digital preservation for those working on JISC projects


This blog was used to support the produced of the JISC Beginners Guide to Digital Preservation project. The project ran from April to September 2010 and worked towards the creation of the JISC Beginners Guide to Digital Preservation (now live).

A Microsoft Word file of the guide is also available. The guide seeks to provide digital preservation information for members of the JISC community who aren’t active in the area of digital preservation. It takes a straightforward approach to the subject area, is pragmatic and applicable to those who are new to the topic area. This blog originally detailed the journey taken when creating the guide and was an attempt at creating an open learning resource.

Although the project has ended the blog continues to be updated with occasional events and general digital preservation information. We do not intend to provide a significant amount of new content.