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  • Terminal Wanderlust

    Posted on June 1st, 2009 Marieke Guy No comments

    //www.ontdesign.com/)Browsing blogs I’ve noticed a bit of a trend of people using remote working to live globally. For those working in technical areas most work is carried out by email rather than face-to-face or using the phone. VOIP technologies like Skype and Vontage allow people to set up ‘local’ numbers that then forward on to another Skype number or even a mobile number. As I discussed earlier this month the time zone issue is something you can overcome if you are willing to work flexible hours. For some people the only limits are connectivity, the country’s communications infrastructure and the cost of living there.

    I’ve read about people who are doing this and not even telling the organisation they work for or the clients they deal with!

    This sort of remote working takes Amanda Hill’s Remote remote working and Paul Boag’s Beyond the office working to another level!

    Oh if only I were 10 years younger, didn’t have a mortgage, or a family, or cats, or a vegetable patch….. ;-)

    The term Terminal Wanderlust is one I first heard used in Generation X by Douglas Coupland.

    A condition common to people of transient middle-class upbringings. Unable to feel rooted in any one environment, the move continually in hopes of finding an idealized sense of community in the next location.

    I used to think it applied to me…I think it still does but responsibilities are like sticky mud….