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  • Staying Connected: Technologies Supporting Remote Workers

    Posted on November 16th, 2008 Marieke Guy 2 comments


    I have just had an article published in the latest edition of Ariadne. The article looks at the technologies that support remote working, from broadband to Web 2.0 social networking tools. It covers:

    • What Do Home Workers Want?
    • Connecting – Broadband, Virtual Private Network, Wireless
    • Communication Technologies – E-mail, Telephony, Voice over Internet Protocol, Virtual Meetings, Online Chat, File Transfer, Blogs
    • Collaboration Technologies – Wikis, Shared Applications, Project Management
    • Social Networking
    • Technical Support – Security Technologies
    • Case Studies
    • Putting It All Together

    It is an introductory piece, so if you are interested in any particular areas you will need to delve deeper, or follow the blog, but hopefully it will offer a starter for 10 for people who have just become, or are thinking about becoming, remote workers.