The project’s main location for dissemination is the main project web page (this site) which lists the deliverables and other activities, contains a blog for communicating project updates and information on project partners.

Two of the project partners also provide a page each on their websites where they describe their activities and outputs in the project. British Library Page AMRC page

The project workshop was a key event through which the project communicated the project aims and provided for two-way engagement through focus groups which gathered views from project stakeholders. The workshop resulted in a report, and further engagement with the participants through follow-up in case studies. A blog post describes the activity on twitter generated during the workshop.

Another milestone event for the project was the project report dissemination event at TalkScience held at the British Library. In the run up to this fully-subscribed event, a press release was issued. During the evening a number of publications produced by the project were available, including the summary recommendation from Patients Participate! A video of the event is available from YouTube.

Other dissemination for the project includes mention in keynote talks by Liz Lyon, and at DCC Roadshows, and a presentation at the Sage Congress 2012. Monica Duke gave a presentation on the project entitled “The Crowd-Sourced Lay Summary for Medical Research” at the SCHOLARLY OUTREACH, IMPACT AND OUTCOMES: the 6th Bloomsbury Conference held at University College London on 28-29 June 2012. [Powerpoint slides]

Further engagement by the project included inviting reviews from the community on some deliverables.

The deliverables will continue to be promoted by the project partners beyond the project funded period, in particular, the AMRC will distribute guides for patients and the DCC will distribute guides for academics. Impact continues beyond this project, for example this recommendation in a blog post by Jo Brodie. Jo continues to be a champion for the project outputs e.g. http://brodiesnotes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/patients-and-health-research-findings.html

The full list of deliverables is available through the deliverables link on the website.