Patients Participate! position paper
A report that set the scene for the workshop by describing the project aims and background, issues and benefits in citizen science and questions that the project wanted to address.

Citizen science scenarios
Five scenarios to suggest potential implementations of crowd-sourced lay summaries, illustrating issues and questions for patients, academics, evaluation, usability and functionality.

Workshop report
A report on the workshop held on 17th June 2011, summarising the outcome and recommendations from the workshop.

See also:

Literature review
A survey of human factors and usability in citizen science projects reported in the literature.

Functionality assessment
A description of the features of citizen science platforms.

Case studies
A document describing 6 examples of organisations currently producing lay summaries relating to biomedical research.

Report on guidelines for writing lay summaries.
A report on a review of current advice on writing lay summaries and a feedback exercise with academics. [Internal]

Briefing paper on citizen science
An awareness-level briefing paper describing citizen science projects, potential benefits for academics and the public, and open issues, published through the Digital Curation Centre.

How-To guide for writing lay summaries
A working-level guide for academics on producing lay summaries.

Survey of AMRC member charities.
A report on the views and practice of charities on lay summary provision.

Patients participate – involving patients and the public in talking about medical research.
A guide for patients with pointers to other resources.

Survey of AMRC members’ activities (lay summaries) Summary Table
A graphical summary of the current activities of the charities (members of AMRC) around lay summaries: who writes about medical research in lay terms, what are the processes, what guidance is available.

Patients Participate! report
General summary of the project, presented at the Talk Science event.

Talk Science event
Launch of the Patients Participate! report
Press release
Youtube video of the TalkScience event