Concluding post

by Monica Duke

As part of the process of wrapping up projects, this post sums up some of the outputs of the Patients Participate! project which ran during 2011-2012, and was funded by JISC.  Further information about the project and partners can be found in the links for this blog site and in the blog posts.

Two of the key outputs from the project were two events, a workshop and the  launch of the project report at the Talk Science event.

Workshop links: Programme Presentations Report

TalkScience links: Event PagYouTube recording

The project also produced guidance for academics (Briefing paper on citizen science, How To Guide on Writing Lay Summaries) and guidance for patients.

Two other key publications are the case study report and the project summary report.  Other reviews include the analysis of citizen science platforms, a literature review on usability, activity by medical charities and some scenarios for writing lay summaries.

All the deliverables and dissemination activities can be found in the respective pages on this blog site.  The project thanks all those who engaged with the project through our events and other channels.  Each of the project partners maintains an interest in this are and looks forward to future activities to become involved in.