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This page summarises some of the outputs of the SageCite Project.


The SageCite demonstrator: A demonstrator that captures workflow using Taverna and assigns a DOI using the DataCite service. A set of slides describing the development:
A recording of the demo:
Workflows available from myExperiment (authorisation required). Source code for the prototype SageCite Taverna plugin provided to the Taverna development team for future release.

For more details on the demonstrator, including a report, please see the demonstrator page on this site.


KnowledgeBlog have hosted which contains reviews of techonologies and initiatives related to data citation.

Domain Knowledge

An overview of the application domain of disease network modelling and our project collaborators Sage Bionetworks describes data and process and general background to the domain.

Interviews with Publishers

Our interaction with the editors of Nature Genetics and PLoS Computational Biology exploring aspects of data citation for publishers culminated in these two interviews which capture their thoughts on the current situation and possible ways forward.


Myles Axton, editor, Nature Genetics
Philip E. Bourne, editor, PLoS Computational Biology

Benefits Analysis

SageCite was a partner in the KRDS/I2S2 JISC-funded project  and gave a presentation at the dissemination workshop and provided a case study. The SageCite Case Study articulates the benefits of data citation in the domain of disease network modelling.

W3C Use Case

A use case contributed to the W3C incubator group on Libraries and Linked Data on the citation of Scientific Datasets:

Briefing Paper and How-To Guide

A briefing paper on data citation, published jointly with the DCC
Briefing Paper:

How To Guide



Follow-on from SageCite

Take through to three scientific EU projects that will be able to implement the necessary infrastructure: Dec’10-Nov’13), SCAPE (www.scape-project.euFeb’11-Jul’14) and BioVel (starting Sept’11-Aug’14). University of Manchester are leading participants in all.