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SageCite presentation at the Sage Bionetworks Congress

2011 May 4
by Monica Duke

The presentation given at the Sage Congress about SageCite is now available as a pdf and as a stream.  The rest of the presentations from the Congress are also available for viewing.

Starting from Slide 7 of Eric Schadt’s report on one of the breakout groups on sharing models, titled “Group B Incentives for sharing”, I want to highlight some observations on motivation for sharing and assigning credit.  Two of the conclusions from the group were reported as “The number one outcome of our discussion was the desperate need to change how contributions are measured and get beyond journal articles being the only measure” and “Need to expand contributions to include: journals, DBs, datasets, curation, assertions, tools so that each are citable and scientists can get credit for these other types of activities” [slide 8].  Slide 9 provides a quick visual for how the measure of contributions needs to be re-balanced and some additional take-aways from the discussion are also summarised on the following slide.  The stream for Eric’s report-back is also available, with the content on credit starting at about 04:28

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