Invitation to comment

by Monica Duke

The Patients Participate! project has released two deliverables for open community review. The first is a guide to writing Lay Summaries, and forms part of the DCC series of How To guides, pitched at an intermediate level, offering practical advice.

We’re currently seeking comments on the draft of the ‘How To write a Lay Summary’. The guide is 11 pages long and is available through the A.nnotate system. A.nnotate supports interactive commenting, and the paper can be navigated through the page index which appears after hovering with the mouse underneath the pdf link at the top left. Alternatively you can download the pdf and comment by email. We are hoping to obtain comments from the wider community, so you are invited to share the link with any colleagues who might be interested.

The second draft released for comment is a Briefing Paper on Citizen Science, also being released as part of the DCC briefing paper series. The briefing paper is only four pages long, and comments can be made on the draft via the A.nnotate system. The briefing paper is pitched at a beginner’s ‘awareness’ level.