After the workshop: a thank you.

by Monica Duke

The project team would like to thank all those who came to the Patients Participate! workshop on Friday 17th June 2011.  We are very encouraged by the level of attendance and engagement during the event.  We are very appreciative of the information and views we have gathered through your input, and we will be producing a report on the outcome as a project deliverable.  In the meantime, here is the collection of tweets from the day as stored on TwapperKeeper.

A sample of the tweets giving a flavour of what some of the participants made of the workshop:

“Thank you @ScienceBL for very informative workshop on Patient Participation #jiscpp.”

“Interesting stuff being tweeted on #jiscpp about helping patients access medical literature. Thanks @JoBrodie for mentioning our approuch”

“Excellent #jiscpp Patients Participate! workshop at British Library Conference Centre today. Will blog later …”

“The excellent discussions from #jiscpp, archived in Tweets by @JoBrodie:

“Have just installed”Hyperwords” following the demo at#JISCPP

“Interesting and informative day at Patients Participate! #JISCPP

A big thank you goes especially to top twitterer Jo Brodie from Diabetes UK.  Jo created a ChirpStory (a tool for creating and sharing stories from Twitter, which had hit 100 views by Monday) and a storify view of the day.  Statistics of the tweets from the workshop have been generated using summarizr and the following screen shot gives an overview of the tweets, as analysed by the summarizr service:

Blog reports are starting to appear, here is a selection.  Let us know if you have written your own blog post and we will add it to the list. – a really good overview of the content of the talks and breakout group exercises.

Simon Denegri has summarised his talk in a blog post Democratising Research. (Simon helped to put the bid together to fund the Patients Participate! project while he was at AMRC, and was one of our closing speakers.) Graham Steel’s presentation is already available on Prezi.

Finally, a thank you to all our speakers  (we will be adding a clip of Liz Lyon opening the workshop in our next post, together with biographies of all the speakers) and congratulations to the British Library, who were in charge of organisation and made everything run smoothly.  Here is a picture of Karen Walshe (from the BL) with Sara Ellis (who spoke on behalf of the AMRC) and our guest speaker giving the patient advocate perspective, Graham Steel (@McDawg)

Karen Walshe, Sara Ellis and Graham Steel before the start of the workshop.