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LiWA Launch first Code

Posted by Marieke Guy on June 14th, 2010

Today the LiWA (Living Web Archives) project has announced the release of the first open-source components of the “liwa-technologies” project on Google code.

The LiWA project is looking

beyond the pure “freezing” of Web content snapshots for a long time, transforming pure snapshot storage into a “Living” Web Archive. “Living” refers to a) long term interpretability as archives evolve, b) improved archive fidelity by filtering out irrelevant noise and c) considering a wide variety of content.

They plan to extend the current state of the art and develop the next generation of Web content capture, preservation, analysis, and enrichment services to improve fidelity, coherence, and interpretability of web archives.

This is the first release of the software so they are keen to receive feedback and comments.