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Theory to Practice: Digital Preservation Case studies

Posted by Marieke Guy on May 21st, 2010

I’m sure you’d agree that experience counts for a lot. In the digital preservation world when you need to do something a little tricky that you haven’t done before it can really help to have a case study close to hand. I am hoping that we will be able to include a number of these in the JISC Beginner’s Guide to Digital Preservation. Although we are on the hunt for new case studies there are already some available:

Digital Preservation Coalition Case Notes
The DPC have published a series of 4 case studies looking at the National Archives has approach to the UK’s Cabinet Papers, the Freeze Frame project’s use of their institutional repository, the Archival Sound Recordings 2 project’s use of METS and a complex digitisation project at the National Library of Wales
SCARP Project Case Studies
The Digital Curation Centre SCARP project (2007-2009) used a series of immersive case studies to identify disciplinary approaches to data deposit, sharing and re-use, curation and preservation
DCC Case Studies
The DCC also have several other case studies from the following projects: the Integrative Biology, JHOVE, PrestoSpace, CARMEN and Wide Field Astronomy Unit (WFAU)
JISC Digital Preservation Policies Study
A list of useful case studies covering institutional preservation policies are listed in the JISC Digital Preservation Policies Study carried out in 2008
JISC Preservation of Web Resources Case Studies
The JISC Preservation of Web Resources blog and handbook both offer case studies in the area of Web preservation
JISC Digital Media Case studies
JISC Digital Media hold case studies in their ‘Learning Lessons from Other Digitisation Projects’ area, although they are primarily about digitisation many do also cover preservation
AHDS Case Studies
The Arts and Humanties Data Service has now ceased to be but the Web site still houses case studies on digitisation and preseservation
National Organisations
There are a number of national library and large national organisation case study approaches available including the National Library of New Zealand, the Theater Instituut Nederland (TIN) and the National Library of Australia

Any one know of any other useful case studies available?

4 Responses to “Theory to Practice: Digital Preservation Case studies”

  1. Chris Walker Says:

    There are also some useful studies in JISC Project Report: Digitisation Programme: Preservation Study April 2009

  2. Danette Milito Says:

    I love your website and would like to congratulate you on the creation of such a fine resource. It has obviously been a tremendous labour of love for you … :) :) Hosea Haque

  3. Marieke Guy Says:

    I’ve just come accross a couple of Software preservation case studies.

  4. Chris Says:

    Thanks for that excellent information! I will be sure to go through the rest of your blog articles :)