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Elsewhere on UKOLN Blogs: February 2010

Posted by Brian Kelly on February 26th, 2010

This month’s regular summary of posts on other UKOLN blogs which may be of interest to the cultural heritage community is given below.

If you are a researcher who works away from their organisation then SCONUL Access enables staff, students, and research students to borrow material from other libraries. Find out more
Published 25 February 2010
Home working and the Rebound Effect
What is the rebound effect and what is does it have to do with home working and events organisation?
Published 16 February 2010
Moderated Comments? Closed Comments? No Thanks!
How moderation of blog comments can act as a barrier to engagement with readers of a blog.
Published 15 February 2010
Remote Audiences
What is transliteracy and what role do remote audiences play? A guest blog post by Kirsty McGill.
Published 12 February 2010
A Challenge To Linked Data Developers
Can Linked Web developers use DBpedia to answer a query?
Published 12 February 2010
OMG! Is That Me On The Screen?
How should you go about reusing photographs of people in presentations?
Published 10 February 2010
Higher Ambitions, e-learning and remote working
What does the government’s Higher Ambitions paper say about remote and online learning. More on the task force led by Lynne Brindley, Chief Executive of the British Library.
Published 8 February 2010
H.264 Format Free To End Users Until (At Least) 2016
Will the extension of the licence for use of the H.264 format see this proprietary but well-supported video format become widely deployed on the Web?
Published 4 February 2010
Guide to Mobile Broadband Providers
A look at the mobile broadband providers available from Joe Linford of Broadband Genie
Published 4 February 2010
iPad, Flash, HTML 5 and Standards
Will HTML 5 see the introduction of open video formats for the Web?
Published 3 February 2010
Decommissioning / Mothballing Mailing Lists
What policies should you adopt if you discover the existence of unused JISCMail mailing lists?
Published 1 February 2010