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Elsewhere on UKOLN Blogs: July 2009

Posted by Brian Kelly on July 31st, 2009

This month’s regular summary of posts on other UKOLN blogs which may be of interest to the cultural heritage community is given below.

IWMW 2009 blog
The IWMW 2009 blog has been set up to support UKOLN’s annual Institutional Web Management Workshop event.
Several posts in July 2009
Travelling Kit for a Remote Worker
John Kirriemuir, digital nomad, writes about his remote working kit: from hardware to software, apps and web sites.
Published 20 July 2009
“From Web Accessibility To Web Adaptability”: A Summary
A summary of a paper published in the Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology journal which describes a new approach to Web accessibility.
Published 20 July 2009
“From Web Accessibility to Web Adaptability” Paper Published
Announcement of a peer-reviewed paper which has been released, and a summary of how the paper came to be written.
Published 17 July 2009
The Network Effect Is Missing From The Standards Debate
A summery of the importance of the ‘network effect’ in the development of communications and collaboration services.
Published 15 July 2009
Come Together
UKOLN staff get together for a lunch at the American Museum.
Published 16 July 2009
Do We Want A Standards-based Voice/Video Service?
The failure of a voice and video service for the UK higher and further education community raises interesting questions regarding the role of open standards in the development of services which users will make use of.
Published 8 July 2009
Thoughts About Dopplr and the Environment
Should the development community making use of – and publish – details of energy consumption for travel related to development activities?
Published 7 July 2009
Enthusiastic Amateurs and Overcoming Institutional Inertia
The potential of lightweight software development tools has generated much interest in various sectors. But how can amateur developers make use of such tools?
Published 6 July 2009
The Psychology of a Remote Worker
What sort of a person does it take to work effectively from home?
Published 6 July 2009
Establishing Our Online Identity
Martin Weller, Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University talks about why our online identity is now even more important than our offline one.
Published 3 July 2009
Facebook Usage by US Colleges and Universities
What can be learnt from UK educational institutions in the way in which they appear to have embraced use of Facebook and Twitter as marketing tools?
Published 1 July 2009