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Elsewhere on UKOLN Blogs: May 2009

Posted by Brian Kelly on May 30th, 2009

As described last month, UKOLN publishes a number of blogs which help us to engage with our communities and provide a dissemination channel. A monthly update of posts which may be of interest to the cultural heritage community will be published on this blog.

CILIP: More Popular Than Swine Flu!
A summary of the CILIP Open Session which provided an opportunity for members of CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) and other interested parties to discuss the role of Web 2.0 to support the professional activities of librarians. A feature of the session was the use of Twitter to allow remote participants to engage in the discussions.
Published 30 April 2009
Permission to capture Twitter
A blog post on the JISC PoWR blog provides some evidence that digital archivists may have permission to archive Twitter posts.
Published 1 May 2009
Swine Flu: Panic in the Streets of London
A look at the effect pandemics, dangerous weather situations and other catastrophes have on the demand for remote working.
Published 5 May 2009
“Seething With Anger” at the Demise of Geocities
The forthcoming demise of Geocities has angered some who are concerned at the loss of the history of early consumer-focussed provision of digital resourced.
Published 5 May 2009
Lessons Learnt from the Amplification of the CILIP2 Event
Although the CILIP 2 Open Session was felt by many to be a great success, behind the scenes there were a number of ways in which the event’s amplification to a remote audience could have been improved. This blog posts shares these experiences.
Published 6 May 2009
Digital Preservation and Nuclear Disaster: An Animation
An animated cartoon, published by DigitalPreservationEurope (DPE), illustrates the importance of digital preservation.
Published 12 May 2009
Remoter Remote Working
A guest blog post about long-distance remote working written by Amanda Hill, an archival consultant based in Ontario, Canada who works on a number of UK projects.
Published 13 May 2009
Remembering the Value of Face to Face
Consideration on the continued value of face-to-face working in the Web 2.0 world many of us now work in.
Published 18 May 2009
Why Video
A look at the key reasons why information workers may want to use video as part of their working practice including the need to reach a wider audience, the ability to give users a visual clue and the the increased desire for video conferencing and amplified conferences. This post also offers some suggestions for ways you can use video more.
Published 21 May 2009
Reflections on Use of Twitter at the #CILIP-CYMRU09 Conference
A summary of how Twitter was used at the recent CILIP Cymru conference.
Published 26 May 2009
The Social Web and the Belbin Model
A blog post which speculates whether ‘plants’ and ‘resource investigators’ tend to make greater use of social networking services such as blogs and Twitter.
Published 27 May 2009