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A new phase for UKOLN

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Following the closure of the Jisc Innovation Support Centre on 31 July 2013, UKOLN has entered a new phase. As part of this, the UKOLN Web site is being archived, meaning that its contents will be available long into the future but will no longer be updated.

The project-based activities of UKOLN continue under the name UKOLN Informatics, for which a new web presence is being prepared. More information is available in a statement from Director Liz Lyon on the UKOLN Web site.

Enhancing Data Sharing and Interoperability

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

The Community Capability Model (CCM) team at UKOLN and Microsoft Research has recently submitted its Working Group Case Statement (in draft form) to the Research Data Alliance and it is now available from the Research Data Alliance Forum pages.

The Statement explains the CCM Working Group Charter, and in the subsequent Value Proposition details the beneficiaries together with the varied impacts and outcomes of the Working Group. It goes on to describe how the WG will engage with existing work and lists final deliverables and milestones by way of greater detail and includes its Adoption Plan. You are invited to comment on the Case Statement on the Forum and it will be presented at the forthcoming RDA Launch in Gothenberg later this month.

IDCC13: Registration Now Open

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Registration is now open for the 8th International Digital Curation Conference which will take place over 14-16 January 2013 in Amsterdam.

Details of speakers, the conference programme and venue, conference aims and pre- and post-conference workshops are available in a news feature on the UKOLN Web site.

Ariadne Issue 69 Published

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Ariadne Issue 69 has been published with a range of features, event reports and reviews, whose content is now far more accessible since the advent of the new Ariadne platform.  Further information on work in this area as well as a report on the recent JISC RIM CERIF Workshop run by UKOLN is available from a post on the Innovation Support Centre site.   Additionally, further information is available on event reports by UKOLN staff from a post on the Informatics Research Group site.  For full information on the main features offered in the new issue, please see the news feature on the UKOLN Web site.

Patients Participate! Invitation to Comment

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

The Patients Participate! Project has released two documents for open community review.  The first is a guide to writing Lay Summaries, and forms part of the DCC series of How-To Guides, pitched at an intermediate level, offering practical advice.   The second draft released for comment is a Briefing Paper on Citizen Science, also being released as part of the DCC Briefing Papers series. Both documents can be reviewed using the A.nnotate Web site which supports interactive commenting. The papers can be navigated through the page index which appears after hovering with the mouse underneath the pdf link at the top left of the A.nnotate page.

UKOLN Contribution to the University of Bath’s Roadmap for EPSRC

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Liz Lyon and Catherine Pink of the UKOLN Informatics Research Group have authored the University of Bath Roadmap for EPSRC: Compliance with Research Data Management Expectations. Full details are available from a news feature now available on the UKOLN Web site.