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JISC consultation on identifiers

IETF Journal Volume 6 Issue 1 June 2010
Leslie Daigle “The Curious History of Uniform Resource Names”

DDI3 Uniform Resource Names: locating and providing the related DDI3 objects
Information on DDI

Identifiers for Institutions

Identifiers for People

Names Project

Representation of Names

Blog Post: What’s in a standard name


Scientific Publishing: Disruption and Semantic Build-Up
LOGOS: The Journal of the World Book Community, Volume 20, Numbers 1-4, 2009, pp. 184-198 DOI: 10.1163/095796509X12777334632744.


Science Online, London, September 2010


Requirements for researchers: reports from other projects



Making data open

PlanetData ( is an EU Network of Excellence coordinated by STI Innsbruck. Its main aim is to establish an interdisciplinary, sustainable European community of researchers, helping organizations to expose their data on the Web in a useful way. PlanetData will push forward the state-of-the-art in large-scale data management and its application to the creation of useful, open data sets.

General Data Management

The Keeping Research Data Safe Factsheet [pdf] on the costs and benefits of digital preservation.
The factsheet covers the following major areas:

  • Cost issues in digital preservation (what costs most, impact of fixed costs, declining costs over time);
  • Benefits from digital preservation (benefits taxonomy, direct benefits, indirect benefits, near-term benefits, long-term benefits);
  • Institutional issues (repository models and structures, key cost variables, data collection levels).

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