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Signing Off

2013 June 4
by Monica Duke

The one-year funded period for SageCite came to an end in July 2011.  It took a further few weeks to tie up some loose ends, and follow up on some of our dissemination activities.  As a belated sign off on the project, this post sums up the outputs of SageCite.

The Deliverables section of this blog provides links to all the concrete outputs of the project, hosted both on this blog and outside it.  The latter include the KnowledgeBlog instance that hosts reviews of technologies and opinion pieces on citation, and the Benefits Analysis of citation in the domain of disease network modelling, using the KRDS methodology.  The deliverables page also brings together the write-up on the Taverna demonstrator developed by SageCite and the description of the application domain.  Finally, the publisher interviews are also linked there.

The Dissemination page has been updated with all the talks in which SageCite has featured as well as presentations that continued beyond the funded period.  We have also listed other events attended by the project team, as these will be of wider interest to the community.

Less tangible as an outcome has been the interaction with the data citation community, which has grown over the lifetime of the project.  The community spans both standard or service -focussed activities, such as ORCID and DataCite, and more generic meetings like Beyond The PDF and the International Symposium.  It has been a privilege for the members of the SageCite team learn from and share insight with this inspiring community. A summary of all the activity around data citation was written up in an editorial for the Digital Preservation Coalition newsletter in December 2011.

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