1.9 Let Developers Know it Exists

Making sure that potential users know about your API is vital. You could consider the following:

  • Contact your development community using email, RSS, Twitter and any other communication mechanisms you have available.
  • Write about your API on developer forums. Make sure that you follow this up by having some of your developers monitoring the forum and answering questions.
  • Publish a listing for your API on Programmable Web.
  • Blog about your API.
  • Make yourself known. Twitter and chat about APIs with other developers you’ll get a name as a developer and people will be interested when you release APIs.
  • Add a “developers” link in the footer of your Web site. If you have released a number of APIs then the developer section of your site a comprehensive microsite with useful documentation.
  • Link to working third-party applications that use your API, or third-party libraries that access it.

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