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My (Amplified) Talk at the CILIPS09 Conference

Posted by Brian Kelly on 10th June 2009

Last week I attended the CILIP Scotland 2009 conference which was held at the Peebles Hydro, Peebles. This conference built on the experiences gained from the ‘amplification’ of the recent CILIP Wales conference. The tag for the event (#cilips09) was used to aggregate tweets about the conference. In addition the Coveritelive live-blogging service (illustrated) was used to complement use of Twitter – this has the potential to allow comments to be made by people who do not have (or wish to have) a Twitter account.

Following the positive feedback I received from making available a video recording of my talk at the CILIP Wales conference I repeated this at the Scottish event. In addition as I was able to make use of Skype at the conference I asked my Twitter followers if anyone was interested in participating remotely. Ian Edelman responded and, as described in his blog post, found that being able to listen to a talk from afar had benefits, although there were a couple of areas in which improvements could be made.

Once again, for those who could not attend the conference or for those who were at the conference but attending the parallel session, my slides for the talk on  ”From eLib to NOF-digi and Beyond“ are available on Slideshare (and embedded below).

In addition the video recording of my talk is available on Vimeo and embedded below. The video resources are also available on the UKOLN Web site.

From eLib to NOF-digi and Beyond from Brian Kelly on Vimeo.

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The Amplified CILIPS09 Conference

Posted by Brian Kelly on 1st June 2009

The annual CILIP Scotland conference takes place at the Peebles Hotel Hydro this week from Monday 1st – Wednesday 3 June. I am speaking at the conference where I’ll give a talk on “From eLib to NOF-digi and Beyond“.

As described in a post entitled “CILIPS Annual Conference Amplification” on the SLAINTE blog this will be an ‘amplified’ event which will exploit the WiFi network at the venue to encourage live-blogging to support discussions between conference participants and also to allow those not physically present to engage in the discussions. The conference organisers have announced the tag for the event in advance – it is ‘#cilips09‘.

This event amplification follows similar experimentation at the CILIP Cymru conference which I described recently and also provided my Reflections on Use of Twitter at the #CILIP-CYMRU09 Conference. And, of course, it follows on from the successes of the CILIP2 open meeting which provided a lively online forum for CILIP members to discuss the role of the Social Web for the CILIP community.

I have to admit that I am really pleased that CILIP members and CILIP Cymu and CILIP Scotland are embracing a Web 2.0 culture in this way, demonstrating a willingness to engage with these new technologies and learn from their successes – and also the things which may not go to plan.

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