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Draft Council Paper on CILIP and the Use of Web 2.0

Posted by Marieke Guy on 16th July 2009

Earlier this week Professor Bruce Royan, Trustee of CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) informed interested parties that a report from the Communications Task and Finish Group had been posted on the Council blog to allow comments. The report comprises of a set of conclusions on CILIP’s Use of Web 2.0. These statement offer CILIP’s commitment to Web 2.0 and the importance of their being seen to “try things out“.

The report has received primarily positive feedback from the community. As one “humble CILIP member” puts it: “I have had more meaningful engagement with CILIP through social networking sites in the last 2 months than in the last 20 years!

Phil Bradley, who has made calls for CILIP to embrace Web 2.0 in the past, commented on the report:

This is a really positive and forward looking set of statements which should not only put CILIP onto a good footing for future development and use of Web 2.0 technologies, but should also help professional colleagues push the case for the use of these within their own organisations.

In response to concerns that the move towards Web 2.0 technologies will disenfranchised some less knowledgeable members chrisinwales commented

By embracing the new, CILIP is trying to demonstrate good practice and support its members in a variety of ways (old and new) so that each can select the best current awareness tool for his or her own needs. By NOT embracing them CILIP would be disenfranchising those members who prefer to receive updates by Web 2.0.

The discussion on the report continues but one thing it does do is highlight the need for further Web 2.0 training my many library and information professionals.

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