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A Risks And Opportunities Framework For Archives 2.0

Posted by Brian Kelly on 16th March 2009

I’m pleased that a proposal for a talk entitled “A Risks And Opportunities Framework For Archives 2.0” has been accepted by the organisers of the “Archives 2.0: Shifting Dialogues between Users and Archivists” conference which will be held in Manchester on 19-20th March 2009.

I’m in the process of finalising my slides for my talk.  In order to estimate how long the talk would take I decided last night to record the talk. As the talk took over the 30 minutes which I have for the slot I will have to remove some of the slides. But it did occur to me that the recording of the rehearsal may be of interest to others, including those who can’t attend the conference.  So I have synched the audio with the slides and made the talk available on Slideshare. This is also embedded in this blog post (for browsers with appropriate plugin support).

I am conscious of the umms and errs in the audio. I also find it difficult to communicate my enthusiasm when I recording the talk in my office without the adrenaline buzz which a live talk gives. However as someone who seeks to embrace the Web 2.0 culture of ‘always beta’ and ‘trusting the audience’ I have decided to share this resource.  And I’d welcome feedback on both the content and also the approach I’ve taken.

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