Using Video at Events

Background Use of video is one of a number of techniques that might be used to amplify an event. The term amplified conference describes a conference or similar event in which the talks and discussions at the conference are ‘amplified’ through use of networked technologies in order to extend the reach of the conference deliberations [...]

Use of Twitter at Events

What is Twitter? As described in [1] Twitter is a micro-blogging service which allows users to send brief posts (known as ‘tweets‘) up to 140 characters long. The tweets are displayed on the users profile page or in a Twitter client by users who have chosen to ‘follow’ the user. What are Hashtags? Hashtags [2] [...]

Using Networked Applications at Events

Using Networked Applications At Events Increasingly WiFi networks are available in lecture theatres [1]. With greater ownership of laptops, PDAs, etc. we can expect conference delegates to make use of the networks. There is a danger that this could lead to possible misuse (e.g. accessing inappropriate resources; reading email instead of listening; etc.) This document [...]

Exploiting Networked Technologies At Events

Using Mobile Telephony Networks Increasingly WiFi networks are available in lecture theatres, conference venues, etc. We are beginning to see various ways in which networked applications are being used to enhance conferences, workshops and lectures [1]. However there is a need to address issues such as being clear of potential uses, being aware of user [...]