Further Uses for the Mobile Web

Introduction The document An Introduction to the Mobile Web [1] explains how increasing use of mobile devices offers institutions and organisations many opportunities for allowing their resources to be used in exciting new ways. This innovation relates in part to the nature of mobile devices (their portability, location awareness and abundance) but also to the [...]

Creating a Site for the Mobile Web

Introduction If you have made the decision to create a mobile Web site [1] there are a number of best practice techniques to bear in mind. URLs Best practices for URLs for Web sites include: Choose a short, easily remembered URL (e.g. xxx.ac.uk/mobile, m.xxx.ac.uk, or xxx.mobi). Stick with established conventions. Navigation Best practices for navigational [...]

An Introduction to the Mobile Web

What is the Mobile Web? Access to Web services used to be only through desk top computers. Improvement of laptop, personal digital assistant (PDA) and mobile phone technologies, alongside expansion of mobile networks, has meant that this is no longer the case. The number of mobile Web users is growing rapidly, now over half the [...]