Closing Down Blogs

Closing Down Blogs There may be times when there is no longer effort available to continue to maintain a blog. There may also be occasions when a blog has fulfilled its purpose. In such cases there is a need to close the blog in a managed fashion. An example of a project blog provided by [...]

Policies On Blog Comments

About Comments On Blogs Many blog services allow comments to be made on the blog posts. This facility is normally configurable via the blog owner’s administrator’s interface. An example of the interface in the WordPress blog is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: Administrator’s Interface for Blog Comments on WordPress Blog The Need For A [...]

Addressing Barriers to Blogging

About This Document This document gives advice on addressing possible barriers you might face when setting up a blog in a cultural heritage context. Piloting Your Blogging Service Libraries will often trial a service to test the product and to gauge the response of their library users. Developing your blog as a ‘pilot’ project provides [...]

Technical Issues For Your Blogging Service

About This Document This document provides advice on a variety of technical issues which need to be addressed when you are planning your blog service. Externally Hosted Or Locally Hosted Software? Where should you host your blog software? Traditionally when organisations have wished to provides IT services they have either installed software in-house, or negotiated [...]

Evaluating Your Blog

About This Document This document provides advice on approaches you can take to evaluating the effectiveness of your blog. The Role Of Your Blog In order to evaluate the effectiveness of your blog, you should have a clear idea of its purpose (although you may find that the purpose evolves over time). Possible uses of [...]

Building A Blogging Community

Background The briefing document provides suggestions on approaches you can take to building a blogging community, including a community of authors and a community of peers. The Potential Benefits Of A Blogging Community Blogging is often perceived of as an individual activity. However successful blogs are likely to involve community building, whether this is a [...]

Launching Your Blog

About This Document This document provides advice on steps you may wish to take once you are in the process of launching a blog. Claiming Your Blog In Technorati Technorati is the best known search engine for blogs. If you wish to make the contents in your blog easily found by others you are advised [...]

Quality Processes for Your Blog

About This Document The briefing document provides advice on implementing quality assurance processes for the content of your blog, including the establishment of appropriate editorial processes, identification of an appropriate writing style, mechanisms for minimising spam and approaches to ensuring you blog contains quality content. Quality Process Issues There are two important quality issues for [...]

Planning Processes for Your Blog

Background This briefing document provides advice on planning processes for setting up your blog. Getting Started Before you commit to a blog, you need to be sure that a blog is the right tool for the job. Use the checklist below to see if a blog will work for you. Blogs are an informal and [...]

Developing Blog Policies

Background The briefing document provides advice on how to establish a policy for your blog. Why Outline Your Blog Policies? Most blog sites and software offer a section for the author to explain a little about themselves and their activities. Developing this section to include the policies by which your blog operates gives a clear [...]

Use of Blogs in Museums

About This Document This document gives ideas for using blogs to enhance services provided by museums. Blog Can Enhance A Museum’s Image Museums cannot afford to ignore the community they service. They no longer simply provide a repository of artifacts. Museums need to be seen to serve the community by engaging with the public. Blogs [...]

Use of Blogs in Libraries

About This Document The briefing document provides suggestions for ways in which blogs can be used to enhance the services provided within libraries. Blogs Can Help To Communicate With Your Library Users Librarians have long used a variety of means for getting information about the library out to our communities – newsletters, alerts, emails, posters [...]

An Introduction To Blogs

About This Document This briefing document provides an introduction to blogs and key blogging tools and concepts. What Is A Blog? A blog (a portmanteau of web log) can be simply described as a Web site where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. A typical blog combines text, [...]