Developer Labs Wins and Fails

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Wins: ➢ Getting information such as institution names/URLs from Wikipedia, and widespread use of available web services in general ➢...

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Day-to-day work

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1.scrum meeting + meeting minutes see the progress made by what people present – what they did yesterday, what they expect to do...

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USB webcam fun

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Bought a pair of webcams (mostly for the purposes of playing with opencv). When plugged in, the uvcvideo kernel module recognises them, and...

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Linux on a Toshiba NB200

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Thanks to Ultim8Fury, Leesa and Nick255 for the following. Presumably as it’s a fairly new model, after setting up linux (Ubuntu...

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Welcoming Wei Jiang to

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A new staff member (casual staff) has just begun work, specifically on the project. He is very experienced in designing and...

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JCDL 2009

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It’s been a good event; we’ve introduced a prototype for our new metadata consistency improvement system – FixRep....

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