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Elsewhere on UKOLN Blogs: March 2010

Posted by Brian Kelly on April 1st, 2010

This month’s regular summary of posts on other UKOLN blogs which may be of interest to the cultural heritage community is given below.

ASBOs, Linked Data and Open Data
What should the priority be: provision of open data or provision of Linked Data?
Published 31 March 2010
Rewired State: Rewired Culture Event
A report on the Rewired State event which focusses on development work for the cultural heritage sector.
Published 30 March 2010
#AskTheChancellors and Twitter
Is Twitter beginning to form a part of engaging with the democratic process?
Published 30 March 2010
Fragmenting The Discussion?
If you provide your content in other environments should this be regarded as a danger, as the discussions could be fragmented, or an opportunity, as it widens the debate?
Published 29 March 2010
Microformats and RDFa: Adding Richer Structure To Your HTML Pages
This posts reviews experiences in using microformats and asks whether it is time to start embedded RDFa in HTML pages.
Published 25 March 2010
Issues In Crowd-sourced Twitter Captioning of Videos
This posts describes a service which allows Twitter feeds to be used to caption video streams.
Published 23 March 2010
What Price a Cup of Coffee?
What is the true value of allowing your staff to take regular tea/coffee breaks?
Published 24 March 2010
Criteria for Successful and Unsuccessful Web Standards
What makes a successful Web standard? That’s not an easy question to answer.
Published 18 March 2010
The Project Blog When The Project Is Over
How should you manage a blog when the funding for it has finished?
Published 15 March 2010
Look! We’re on Google Street View!
What is Google Street view and what are the privacy issues?
Published 12 March 2010
The ‘Quiet Zone’ At Conferences
A description of an approach to providing a ‘quiet area’ at an event for people who do not want to be disturbed by Twitterers or do not wish to be photographed.
Published 10 March 2010
The Lowering Costs of Teleconferencing
This post looks at teleconferencing and how you can get the most out of it.
Published 10 March 2010
Where Exactly are You?
A look at location data and the related issues.
Published 2 March 2010