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Elsewhere on UKOLN Blogs: January 2010

Posted by Brian Kelly on January 29th, 2010

This month’s regular summary of posts on other UKOLN blogs which may be of interest to the cultural heritage community is given below.

Begin with the End in Mind
Some suggestions on how to write for different audiences.
Published 27 January 2010
The big fight: Mobile vs PC
Can the mobile Web ever be better than the PC Web or are they just different?
Published 25 January 2010
STRIDE E-Learning Handbook
The STRIDE E-learning handbook is available as a free PDF download.
Published 25 January 2010
My Significant Drop in Use of JISCMail Lists
In some sectors JISCMail may no longer be a significant tool for collaboration and information exchange.
Published 22 January 2010
Save £1million and Move to the Cloud?
We are starting to see a move to use of core services to hosting in ‘the Cloud’. Can this save money?
Published 20 January 2010
Twitter: Part of the Plumbing
Twitter is now becoming a key part of an institution’s information’s infrastructure. So you’ll need policies and procedures.
Published 19 January 2010
Time For A Blog Revival?
For from being in decline, blogs can provide a valuable dissemination and engagement tool – and UKOLN’s briefing documents can be a valuable resource.
Published 16 January 2010
Reflections on CETIS’s “Future of Interoperability Standards” Meeting
A report on a meeting which explored the limitations of elearning standards.
Published 14 January 2010
Retro email list takes new direction
The Retro JISCMail list  has been revived and is now focusing on the need for a national strategy for retro-cataloguing.
Published 12 January 2010
How I Use Creative Commons For My Presentations
A case study on a risk management approach to use of Creative Commons.
Published 13 January 2010
Will The SVG Standard Come Back to Life?
Open standards sometimes may take a long time before they become support by software vendors.
Published 11 January 2010
Greening Events
Possible ways that we can start to reduce the environmental impact of the events we run.
Published 11 January 2010
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
A summary of how institutions are beginning to make use of Twitter to provide alerts.
Published 7 January 2010
An Opportunities and Risks Framework For Standards
Open standards promise much – but sometimes they may fail to live up to their promise. This post describes an opportunities and risks framework  to assist in the selection of standards.
Published 6 January 2010
My Decade
Marieke Guy gives her thoughts on some of the significant IT developments of the decade.
Published 4 January 2010