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Elsewhere on UKOLN blogs: November 2009

Posted by Brian Kelly on December 1st, 2009

This month’s regular summary of posts on other UKOLN blogs which may be of interest to the cultural heritage community is given below.

Earlier Today I Gave A Talk In Australia
How recording talks can allow them to be reused – which can also help to avoid making trips around the world.
Published 24 November 2009
Time To Experiment With Dbpedia?
Dbpedia is a ‘Linked Data’ version of Wikipedia – which may provide a testbed for experimentation
Published 19 November 2009
Topsy – and Who is Tweeting About You
A description of the Topsy service which can provide information on Twitter posts to your Web services.
Published 13 November 2009
“Web 2.0 Will Change Everything!” But How?
A post looking at the ways in which Web 2.0 might change things.
Published 9 November 2009.
Policies on Drugs, Open Standards and Web Accessibility
A look at a draft EU document on Web accessibility.
Published 2 November 2009.