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About The interest in exploiting the content to be found in institutional repositories is growing. At the same time, there is a range of...

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Social media sites in China

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Introduction When we talk about social media sites, we tend to focus on a number of well-known examples – Facebook, YouTube, and so...

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Project Sunflower: Usability Study

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As part of our eBook usability study, this part deals with studying the devices from the eBook reader point of view. All three devices, ...

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A Brief Introduction to eBooks and eReading

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eBooks have been around for almost 4 decades now. The earliest eBooks were those in Project Gutenberg, the oldest digital library, founded...

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Dev8D Preview and QR Codes

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We tested the QR Code facility in this year’s Dev8D booklet… here’s a sneak...

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Dublin Core Firefox Extension Internationalisation

Posted by on Jun 26, 2009 in code, featured, IEMSR, JISC | Comments Off

One way to demonstrate possible uses for IEMSR – practical use and integration into various systems.  What about a Firefox...

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